Front Line

Clive Black - Trumpet

Clive has played with numerous ensembles over the years including the Belfast Jazz Orchestra.  Classic cars are another of his passions.


Bill Bryson - Clarinet/Saxophone

Bill has played with many jazz bands for more years than he cares to remember.  He has played overseas and has appeared at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee Festival. Renowned for his infectious smile, Bill brings a sparkle to our front line.

Tishomingo Blues

Careen Starkey—Vocals

Careen joined the Martello in 2015 and was a relative newcomer to jazz.  However, she came with a long pedigree as a performer in musical productions with the Newcastle Glee Singers and in her earlier years in a pop group!


Gerry Rice - Clarinet/Saxophone

Gerry is the most recent member of the band but by no means a novice—he started performing with bands at the age of 14.  He plays a range of different saxophones along with clarinets and flute and adds a real flair to every performance with the Martello Jazz Band.